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Review by Ken S. 07/10/2012
I wanted to thank you for the service I received from your personnel in my recent truck and car carrier rental from your operation. My son and I were renting a 16' truck and car carrier for his move from Denver to Alabama last Thursday and the complete rental experience from Penske went extremely well. Starting with Penske's telephone customer service representatives who assisted me with the online order to your local personnel regularly calling me to confirm our reservation plans and possible needs (insurance), I was extremely pleased that I had chosen Penske and LoDo to rent this equipment from. I had priced your competitor's services but was not comfortable that they would fulfill my reservation, particularly since they would not let me know where I could pick the equipment up in Denver until the night before the rental. Needless to say, your personnel's regular follow-up with me gave me an assurance that the equipment would be ready and that they were ready to be of assistance.
The personnel I encountered in your operation (there were two men and one woman that I dealt with over the three days I was getting the supplies/equipment) were all professional and helpful. I am sorry I do not have all of their names but they would have been working on July 3, 5 and 6.
I was also pleased with Penske's emergency road services. The car carrier had picked up a nail in a tire at some point and had to be replaced during our trip. The Penske rep had a repair service promptly respond to our needs and we were back on the road within 1.5 hours after the call.
Thank you again for Penske's and your company's services.
Review by BJ D. - 05/27/2011
"I've rented at a number of storage centers, and by comparison this one floats to the top. It's clean and secure. Those are givens, and most every storage center is hopefully going to be clean and secure."
"I've been renting several units at LoDo Self Storage for several years now. They get their extra stars from me for SERVICE. I imagine that working in a storage and moving center could turn someone into a sarcastic and snappy jerk, BUT NO! The staff here are consistently cheerful, helpful, eager and responsive. If they don't really care with sincerity, then they are amazing actors. It sure seems sincere. Really nice crew! (Cherie C's example of getting called about her CDs is very typical of how this group rolls.)"
"They are also surprisingly flexible, trying to work with customers who have special storage or moving needs. As an example, they will discount the cost to rent the trucks for people who rent storage units. They will extend their hours under special circumstances."
Good place by renter - 02/20/2010
"Safe, clean and easy to get in and out of."
Review by Cherie c. - 07/20/2009
"Returned our Penske truck here after our cross-country move. Everything went perfectly. We arrived just before closing (we called ahead when we got lost to make sure they weren't leaving early), and everything was resolved quickly and simply. I prepaid, but we kept our truck a bit longer (special thanks to the Denver dispatch, who gave us a great deal on the extended rental) so we quickly paid the extra charge and were on our way.
"What merits five stars is this: a couple of days later, we got a call from Lodo Moving Center. We'd left a few CD cases in the cab of the truck. I expected to be charged a fee for not clearing our stuff out. But they kept them aside for us, and we picked them up the next day. I believe other rental companies would just toss such things into lost and found and leave it to us to figure it out and call them. It was nice that they put in the effort to figure out who rented that truck last and to hold our items for us."
Review by Joanna C. - 10/20/2008
"They have music. Yay! Very cool people working there. Especially the lady with the long hair. She's cool. Security feels safe. They have those loading cart things with wheels for use. How convenient!
"I've had a storage in Phoenix before only, so this is only my 2nd experience. No contracts. Nice prices. If I needed a truck, I could get one. Highly recommended this place."
Review by William A. - 08/27/2008
"These guys rent Penske trucks, which after shopping for a few online I recommend. Aggressive discounts, new fleets, diesel powered. Turns out I had actually rented a small truck from these guys once before to help someone move. Their service is fast, friendly, I recommend this place."
Reviewed by Joey S. 12/2/2013
2/2/2013 I use LoDo as a warehouse for my clothing line. It was imperative that the place would be secure, extremely clean, and very accessible (such as weekends and evenings). After touring nearly 10 storage facilities in the Denver area, LoDo excelled in all areas, including price.
I've now been there for a year and a half and have gotten to know the staff very well. They are very friendly and absolutely service oriented.
For example, they know that we like to fulfill orders at the warehouse (LoDo) and send it out with their mail for our convenience (by the way, they accept incoming and outgoing mail which is a huge plus for me). Today, being after Black Friday, we had nearly 100 orders.
They noticed that my car was in the lot (because they get to know their customers), received a package delivery and hand delivered it to us. After that, knowing that we had a lot of boxes that needed to go out, they came back again around Noon to take our already packed boxes to the front in case the mail came before we finished the rest.
Finally, as we were finishing up our 100 box fulfillment I heard an announcement over the PA system "Joey, the mail man has arrived so if you have any further boxes we'll hold him up until you come up here." It was perfect timing!
I already pointed out the security, cleanliness, and competitive pricing, but what is immeasurably greater than any other storage facility you'll find is the kindness and helpfulness of the staff. I just told you one story, but I have experienced this kind of great service from LoDo since day one.
Reviewed by H H. 12/26/2014
I had the contents of my apartment stored at LoDo storage for approximately an unexpected 2+ years. In that time not only were my belongings safe, but I received stellar customer service. After a while, I could call and they knew who it was and what unit it was. When I was out of state I was able to pay via email. Initially I admit, I wanted something faster than their form, but it works just fine and I got over it.
There was only one time I couldn't get into my unit simply because they had forgotten to take the additional lock off after I paid my bill but Rebecca, one of the employees actually came over from home to open my unit for me after I let her know I had come from the other side of town and would not be able to come back.
LoDo gives you the option of not only very CLEAN storage and multiple sized units, but carts that are always available to load in and out on as well as moving trucks at a competitive rate. I HIGHLY recommend LoDo to anyone looking for storage space. If you are storing things that are precious to you, it's worth every ounce of piece of mind you are given. It is rare to find ANY business that knows who you are by voice alone. In an age where customer service is a lost art, make it a priority to support businesses like this one that still uphold these important values.
The staff at LoDo is warm, kind, understanding, FAIR and efficient. The same employees that were there when I started are the same ones that were there after two years. ... I think this also speaks volumes about the business. By the time I left I felt strangely connected to my storage providers. If I ever needed storage again, it would be my ONLY option and my only recommendation. On top of all that, the art work around the office and the site created by the owners late wife is precious and wonderful.
Thankful that such businesses still exist.
~Holly H.
Reviewed by Rebecca Y.11/15/2013
Best and cleanest storage unit I've ever been in....and I've seen a lot! They go the extra mile here to cheerfully help you out. With the cross checks and secure procedures they have in place, I can't imagine a thief would ever have any luck here. Highest recommendations from me. RSY
Reviewed by Ayanna M. 4/7/2014
I rented a space here for about 18 months. I found them to be honest, friendly, and provide excellent customer service. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a storage space in the downtown area.
Reviewed by Hunter A. 3/9/2015
Friendly, clean and secure. This is the best customer service I've ever had at any storage facility, especially the manager, Sam. I will recommend this place to everyone I know. The easiest moving and storage experience I've ever had, and everything is clean and secure. Probably only the second review I've ever written of anything, but I am happy to do it.
Reviewed by Meredith W. 10/4/2014
I've been storing things here for close to 24 months and don't have a single complaint. They have great customer services and when I check in or my unit everything looks great. Thanks for keeping my random boxes safe.
Reviewed by William A. 8/27/2008
CO to CA move BLOG, DAY 1, Entry 3
So my next stop is to get my new wheels for the next two days. It's here.
*Stardate 2008. Capt William's Starship Penske 27 Footer, begins it's maiden voyage, to go where no man has gone before.* (Well I am in Rawlins, Wyoming, good lord.)
These guys rent Penske trucks, which after shopping for a few online I recommend. Aggressive discounts, new fleets, diesel powered.
Turns out I had actually rented a small truck from these guys once before to help someone move.
Their service is fast, friendly, I recommend this place.
My Penske 27 foot is an large beast. I splurge $75 for full insurance, which now allows me to replay Smokey and the Bandit and not pay a penny. My rentee informs me that the #1 accident is people driving a 12' vehicle into a non 12' high space - 5 so far this year. He doesn't tell me how many ended up headless. Point noted.
It's a little intimidating beast, but I have driven all manor of vehicles, and towed a trailer behind an SUV 1000 miles down the Mexican Baja through the mountains on white knuckled narrow roads. I can do this. It's hard to hear the cell over the roar of the diesel engine, but that may help ensure I get to CA live. Tomorrows conf calls should be interesting.
I learn quickly this vehicle has a governor that stops it from going over 70 mph. I cursed that a few times today, but given fuel prices, and the mass of this thing, it's probably for the better.
I load up and head to my house, then to storage.
The best laid plans.... the && Democratic Convention is in town, less than 2 miles from my house. I am driving a monster truck, the streets are full of people, and blocked off. After the 3 person with headphones on steps in front of me, I ponder if I'd be to blame if my multi ton vehicle smushed them....
The main road/bridge to my hood is blocked. I shake my fist at cops and Secret Service. I am told later I got off easy, many trucks were stopped and searched. Guess Karma is holding out so far overall then...still I am mad enough I wonder who the Libertarian candidate is.....
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